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you are one of the few.


yes, we're talking to you. you're probably on your phone. there's around a 63% chance of that. that's why we designed this website to look great on mobile. what sort of mobile? there's a 50% chance that it's an iphone of some sort and a 30% chance that it's from samsung. you almost definitely came from facebook.

we can see all that with some simple copy and paste code from google analytics, pretty useful stuff when used in the right way. but our data is not as useful as it could be because there's not enough of you reading this blog. there's barely any of you. why? because we have no readers.


"but this is your first blog post, of course you don't have many readers"


yes, but we may never have many. our pessimism stems from the fact that the blog died. it actually died quite a few years ago. if you want a guess of the exact year, around 2013. so why would we expect you to be on a blog, reading this? we don't really.

thanks for being here anyway, you're the best.

but we still have to make this blog. because blogs, no matter how unpopular they are, make websites more popular.


*cue shock and awe*


welcome to the weird and wonderful world of seo, meaning "search engine optimisation". it's the often unsuccessful pursuit of wanting your website to come up first in google searches. as we want to pop up in google, we made this blog. here it is. ta-dahhhh. it's not perfect, but it'll do.

our first blog post won't be about seo and explaining how a blog improves seo rankings, as seo is boring. as you have made it this far, we might as well send you on your way with something new and interesting in your head. so this blog post is a story about the death of the humble blog. welcome to...





"the demise of the humble blog"



if you want to read about when and how the blog died from real writers, here's some links to get you started - http://bit.ly/TheStreamIntro http://bit.ly/TheStreamNow

those links mention the birth of the stream. the all-encompassing, omnipotent stream. this is what we shall talk about.


the stream, duh duh duhhh...

it started when humans started to want the latest posts, not necessarily the greatest. things like twitter were born. old news was boring. new news was interesting. it just had to be recent, popular and easy to access. the origin of the content? who cares. a new reverse-chronological list of distributed information was born and labelled "the stream". users loved it. the stream was always up-to-date and had information from any source conveniently all in one place. the stream would not have any writers, but it would have all the posts.


more content, faster

blogs meanwhile started to post faster to try and keep up with their users wanting the latest content. to be successful, the average blogger had to now post multiple times a day. but if a reader saw old content too many times... the blog loses a reader. as content production ramped up, blog posts became rushed as quality assurance took a backseat and the blog would lose more readers. the blog was a sinking ship and it was letting in watery failure, fast.


seven seconds

while posting more posts worked for a while and many blogs were still successful, readers began to get even more picky. an average web user's attention span is currently sitting at around 7 seconds, probably 6 by the time you have (most likely not) read this. shortening attention spans resulted in users beginning to only have time for the best of the best of everything. eg. the day's best blog posts from all blogs. they wanted everything good in one place. one tab open, not hundreds. users wanted the stream.

the ball didn't take long to start rolling, a wild-scale shift to stream-modelled services was in full swing. one by one, each blog's loyal readers migrated to their facebook/twitter/reddit news feeds to get their daily dose of good content. gone were the days of readers being "good boys", politely waiting for their next blog post and then eating it out of the writer's hand. gone were the days of blog's featuring other blog's in their posts, sharing readers and growing together. gone were the days of civilities. the new age had dawned and was starting to look not one bit like the last.


fighting for survival

now every blog writer was up against rival blogs, news companies and even meme pages in the constant brawl to grab a user's attention from a news feed. have something interesting to say? too bad, the video about a "rumoured unicorn sighting in the amazon" just stole your potential reader's attention for the next 3 minutes and 40 seconds. 

oh, we forgot to mention. blogs were now up against video content in the stream. a picture can paint a thousand words and video content is often 30 fps. not really a fair fight.

blogs died. we are now all loyal to the stream.


so welcome to our blog...

we have welcomed the stream into our lives here at Orchestra and we're honoured to take you away from it for a moment. you have helped our website's seo tremendously by just visiting this page. thank you. 

coming up next time... we don't know. look out for our next post in the stream.